Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mason loves to sing and dance. His favorite songs right now are Dynamite and Firework. He likes to come and cuddle in bed with mom and dad in the mornings when he wakes up and he loves you to rub his face and back. Despite his little round belly, he is actually our pickiest eater. Quite often he will not finish his meal and therefore rarely gets dessert. He can count to twelve and knows the letter T quite well. He will pick it out of any sign and knows that it makes the "tuh" sound. When he is saying something that I can't understand he will repeat it several times and then automatically add a T sound to the beginning like if he is saying cat he will go "tuh" "tuh" cat, as if it starts with a T. He is starting to get really good at communicating which has been a disadvantage this week like when I told him we were going to Chick-fil-A while Gavin was at preschool and he went right to Gavin to tell him and Gavin understood a bit too well... Or when we went to get Jeremy a birthday present this week and later we were in the car with Jeremy and passed by the store and he kept saying "pwesent for daddy birfday dere." I had to do some quick distracting before Jeremy caught on. Unfortunately, he has started to really love watching TV and has figured out how to turn it on by himself. He loves Dora and Diego, but also Word World and Super Why. He kind of freaks out when Cameron tries to change the channel. Mason is crazy good at puzzles and not those wooden ones that are "too baby" for him now. He will sit forever putting those 35-50 piece puzzles together again and again. He's always so proud to show us when it's finished. He is definitely a Daddy's boy and is probably the saddest that Jeremy sits up on the stand at church on Sunday. Many a Sunday he has made a beeline to go see dad in the middle of Sacrament and I have had to chase after him- real classy. This little guy can be sweet as pie but has a split personality that can turn him into a grizzly bear in a matter of seconds. I can't believe that he will be three in just a couple of months. There isn't very much baby left in him, but I am hanging on to what I have. Everyone in the house is a fan of this guy, and we loves his guts!


Corri said...

Oh my, those pictures make him look so grown up! What a gorgeous smile!

Kristen said...

Adorable pictures! What a sweetie. Hang in there on Sundays, you are amazing to be there all the time when it can be rough some times. You're great!