Saturday, February 5, 2011

Derby Day

Just for you Kimberly- Here is the "Green Goblin"

Cameron started Cub Scouts when he turned 8. He is a Wolf in Pack 1368 and meets once a week to do scout "stuff." When we found out the pinewood derby was coming right up, Jeremy and Cam dove right in to create the perfect car. Cameron picked out his design, sanded and painted his car, while Jeremy cut it out, put weights on it, and prepared the wheels. Unfortunately, when Jeremy was hammering bullets into the back of the car, the front of it snapped right off! A little bit of wood glue made it presentable again, but then the wheels wouldn't stay on and we tried to glue the axles in. Needless to say, Camremy's (Cameron + Jeremy) car did not do us very proud. But we still cheered and learned quite a bit for next year and the coming 8 years (that's what you get with three boys!) that we will spend at the derby!
Cam and Austin

Getting in position
Waiting at the finish line
Cameron's rice krispy car
Cameron receiving his award for "most original" car
Thanks for the pictures Angie! I can't believe I forgot my camera!!


Jones Family said...

Cameron looks adorable! I can't wait to do this with Merritt in a few years. I secretly wish for the cub scout leader calling :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a wolf leader! We did our race last month - man is it a production! Who would have thought racing this little wooden cars would cause such a stir! I am sad I you did not post a picture of Camerony's car - they each had so much personality. Did theirs have a name? So much fun! Yeah, alot of years ahead of you - you are going to be a pro! The sister I work with is on her third son and it seems like she has the book memorized and we do nothing that cannot sign something off...even the Christmas party;) Love the updates!
Kimberly Ripa

Corri said...

What a cute scout! Our first derby car was a bit of a dud, too.

Next year will be better!

Anonymous said...

Love the Green Goblin:) Thanks for the pic;)
Kimberly Ripa