Friday, February 18, 2011

Read Between the Lines

A couple of months ago my friend Angie asked me if I had any BOB books she could borrow for her daughter who is the same age as Gavin. I had never even heard of these books that are short paperbacks that kids can learn to read with. When Cameron was learning to read we just used the little books we already had in the house but I was intrigued by these other books. For Valentine's Day Gavin got his first set and I was blown away by how ready and interested he was in reading. Without any direction or coaxing from me, he sat down and began sounding out little words and eventually sentences like "Sam sat on Mat." How does that even happen? He was so proud of himself! Now he thinks it is a treat to be able to sit down and read me one of his books, he asks to all the time! He even wanted to take one to school to show his teachers and friends and tonight when his little friend Ashley was here they were off in a corner reading to each other- too cute! I am so excited for my newest little reader in the house and only hope that his joy of reading continues throughout his life!


Brooke said...

We love Bob Books. Way to go, Gavin!

Robyn said...

bob books sound like old fashion learning through phonics! how novel! i would love to get some of those!

Kristen said...

I LOVE those books! They are the best.