Monday, November 1, 2010

Treat or Trick?

Every year at the end of August, we get a Halloween catalog in the mail with a rainbow of costumes that the boys fight over and decide a million times what they want to be for Halloween. This year Cameron really wanted everyone to be a Star Wars character. It took some convincing for Gavin, but when it was known that I would buy light sabers for each of them, the battle was over. Since these costumes cost $70 each if I bought the costume and the robes, I decided to try to make Cameron and Gavin's costumes and I bought Mason's from ebay. I present to you:
Anakin Skywalker
The force was with them!
Even Mason got in on the battle
Halloween night, we got together with The Toler's and Wadley's and had dinner and then went out trick or treating together. As it got darker, it became harder and harder to keep track of all the kids, especially since Cameron was leading the pack, running from door to door, and Mason was trailing far behind, waddling his way along. We split up and headed home with the little ones a bit early. When everyone got back we dumped out all the precious booty and inspected and sorted. I'm pretty sure we could coat our home in candy with the bags and bags we got. The the kids watched an edited version of Ghostbusters and didn't roll into bed until 10:30. Even by intergalactic standards, I think it was a pretty awesome night and the kids will be on a sugar high for weeks!

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