Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Swimming Finale

We are really fortunate to have an indoor pool right here at our clubhouse. We are even more fortunate to have them offer "swim team" at this pool during the off season months. Since Cameron loved being on swim team this summer I knew he would love to continue but for Gavin it was a bit more tricky. You had to be able to swim across the length of the pool without stopping in order to be on the developmental team. All summer we worked and worked and finally in August when we were down to the wire he made it across and then wanted to do it again and again! It was great to have both boys at the pool at the same time and only have to worry about Mason for an hour. They both loved it, but Gavin took some persuading. They keep the pool at anywhere from 80 to 83 degrees which was pretty cold to my little string bean. The poor kid just doesn't have any meat on his bones! He would sit there and shiver and chatter his little teeth until he was in tears. We tried a swim shirt to no avail, but one day another parent suggested a swim cap and that did the trick! He didn't complain about the water at all after that! I guess we really do lose most of our body heat through our heads! I worried about having Mason at the pool during lessons but it turned out I didn't have to worry at all. He stayed right by my side all season and never asked to get in the water. What an easy going kid, I sure love him. Today was their last day until the next session in January, and the boys were both sad to see it end. Their coaches were great and I noticed an improvement in both of them so it was definitely worthwhile. It will be nice to have a bit of a break though!
I just love how the cap made Gavin's face squish all up! He looks like Quasimodo!
Mason liked to check in to make sure Gavin was having a good time
Cam being a goof
Gavs and his teachers- Coach Jessica and Coach Rachel
Cameron's coach went into labor on the last day of practice so we didn't get a picture with her, but he loved Coach Sara!


Corri said...

That sounds like fun, but I'm with Gavin! It seems like in the autumn, they should turn the temperature up higher than that!

Kristen said...

I love the swim cap! He looks so cute. I'll have to try that with Ethan.