Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Ramblings with no pictures

It was blasted hot today. The 24th of September and the thermostat in my car registered 102! I am so ready for the fall weather, but we will probably go from this to snow in the matter of a week.

Today in the car on the way to pick up Cameron from school Mason was asking a question. "Moon go?" Last night we had what I think is called a Harvest Moon. It was big and full and bright orange and Mason kept pointing it out to us. So today, at 3:30 pm he was wondering where it was. I loved listening to Gavin try to explain how you have to wait for the sun to go to sleep before the moon comes out. And the stars too. They only turn on when it's dark outside. Sometimes we have our moments, people. Times when everyone is happy and loving each other. Those are the awesome moments I cling to.

Mason had a small milestone this week. We are officially a paci free home. One night we realized that those darn paci mice had come and chewed the ends off all the pacifiers and now they were "broken." He was so brave at first, acting like it was no big deal, but my heart ached for him as he woke up in the night asking, "Paci go?" He had a few tough days, especially at nap time and once he refused to nap and I just sat with him as he snuggled up to me and sobbed. He lost a good friend and that deserved a good mourning. But lucky for him, once the pacifiers are gone he gets a song every night like his brothers. I'm not quite sure how each of these songs came to be, but Cameron gets one that came from a Target wedding registry commercial that I couldn't stop singing when I was pregnant with him and Gavin gets my own personal rendition of "Golden Slumbers." For a while nothing struck me for Mason until one night it just did. I have always had a knack for remembering completely pointless things like commercials from when I was in 6th grade, (ask me to sing the McDonald's menu) or theme songs from TV shows, so not very surprisingly Mason's song came from a Flinstone's episode where Pebbles and Bam Bam sing together this song about the sunshine. Ha, ha I found it on youtube! I only remembered the chorus. Stop laughing, it was a poignant moment.

Up next is the removal of diapers from our home forever. I am a bit gun shy to go forth with that one after the fiasco Gavin put us through with potty training, but I don't think any kid could be as tough as that. Cross your fingers for me, ok?

Gavin and Cameron started swim team this week at our indoor pool. All summer Gavin practiced swimming all the way across the pool without stopping, the prerequisite for getting on the developmental team. He finally accomplished it mid August. I am so proud that he did it! He's only 4 and such a little fish! He is hilarious to watch in the water because he has no clue what he's doing, but he gets the job done. I need to bring my video camera and get it on tape. I am so glad that we have a sport for both boys at the same time on the same two days every week and no Saturdays! This mama is happy!

Cameron had his Back to School night this week and I am so in love with his teacher, Mrs. Vlach. She told me that Cameron is a very deep thinker and comes up with really insightful questions. She said he is quick to be a friend to those that are being left out and my heart swelled with pride. I was so worried about him making new friends in his class and it turns out he is being the friend to everyone else. What a sweet kid, I am so lucky. I am also lucky enough to be his room mom again this year. If you have any party ideas, send them my way!

Enough rambling for today. I am so pathetic that I didn't even take a single picture all week! Except of our trampoline in the back yard because we got busted for not having it approved by the HOA. My kids would be devastated if they made us take it down! Hopefully we will just have to fill out some paperwork and that will be that. Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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Robyn said...

i know how it is to be devistated by the hoa and trampolines! good luck! fight for the trampoline!