Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School Bash

As I type this, one little boy is in his bed, tossing and turning, trying to settle down his mind and his tummy, anxious for his first day of second grade. His backpack is filled with school supplies, his lunch is packed with everything he requested, and his new clothes are laid out ready for him to slip into when he wakes up. I remember these days when I would look forward with excitement and trepidation to what lay ahead. Would my teacher be nice? Would I make new friends and have someone to sit next to at lunch and to play with at recess? Cameron's greatest fear may be that he is missing out on something fun at home and missing his mama. This big lump of a boy is really such a softie and I love that he loves me so much.

Today we had one last hurrah with some friends that will be going through the same send off tomorrow. We had a BBQ at Rady park in the perfect, cooler weather. We swapped first day of school stories and the kids played their hearts out, knowing that this was their last chance to suck the life out of summer. I am not ready to send my boy back to school. I want him here with me just as much as he does although he does not know it. I put on a happy face and tell him he will have so much fun being with his friends and tell him that his teacher is the nicest one. But secretly I am just as scared as he is, hoping that he clicks with at least one special seven year old wishing for a friend too. I know this is good for both of us and that we will both make it through tomorrow just fine. But until I have him back at home my mind and tummy will also be turning, anxious to hear every detail of his day. Think of us tomorrow, will you?

There were lots and lots of horses in the pasture next to the park!

Mason and Luke, such darling little friends

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i will be thinking of you guys...

our boys are getting so big!