Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Summer from A to Z

A summary of our Alphabet Summer:

"I"ce cream
"J"ust mom or dad dates
"L"incoln Memorial
"N"ursing Home with "O"ld people

OB"X" (abbreviation of Outer Banks) a stretch but what else was there?
It was a summer full of activities, but it made the days go faster and gave the kids something to look forward to. I enjoyed doing things that we never would've done otherwise and bonding with my boys. We will definitely do this again next year but it will take me that long to think of new ideas! Thanks for coming along for the ride!


Mandi said...

You make my summer look so awful! :) What great memories! I want to do this next summer too...maybe. I am not as outgoing as you are.

Tami said...

What a great summer! Such great ideas and definitely a summer you will always remember. You are such a great mom!

Shelese said...

This was so fun to read about! I want to do it next summer too. Wouldn't that be fun?! You me and Mandi in our different states doing this with our kids. You're inspiring. Thanks for posting about this.

Angie said...

Unbelievable! You did it! You're an amazing Mom Erika.

Corri said...

I'm really amazed that you made it through the whole alphabet. It looked like a wonderful summer! Are you going to try not to repeat any of the same activities next summer?!