Sunday, September 12, 2010

And finally... Z is for Zoo

We almost finished before school started, but had one more little trip planned for our alphabet summer finale. It had to wait until this weekend and luckily we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! We headed to the National Zoo as a family early Saturday morning and got there at about 9:30, before the mad rush. I remember going to this zoo as a kid and we've taken our kids a couple of times, but it's been a few years and for some reason I remember there were more animals. Jeremy reminded me that it is free and there were several areas under construction, but I was sort of disappointed we didn't see any giraffes or hippos or rhinos. We did however see:
and Tigers
and elephants (no bears either). But they were some really cool elephants that did tricks!
One of my favorite guys was this cool anteater
And Jeremy loved the Orangutans (he covered himself with that piece of cloth)
Mason loved the crocodiles (that's his crocodile face)
Cameron loved the aviary with all of the pretty birds, like this peacock
And Gavin didn't want to stop and look at anything until we got to the farm area where you could pet the animals.
After 4 hours we called it quits and the zoo was getting really crowded. Another box we can check off and not have to do for a few years :) Or at least until we get to Z next summer!

The End

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Kristen said...

You're awesome and amazing Erika! It has been fun to read and see all the fun things you have done with your boys. I may have to steal a few great ideas. You have inspired me to try it next summer. Good job!