Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day to Remember

I have been horrible about taking pictures lately and completely failed at the task yesterday, leaving no photos of the thoughtful waffle breakfast all four of my boys made me, no photos of the pretty flowers my husband got me, no photos of my boys and I all dressed up for church and no photos of my mother and I with our feet up while the men cooked dinner (and even cleaned up after)! It was a dreamy day and I was completely taken care of. Jeremy got the necklace I've been wanting:Gavin made me a sweet hand print card:
And I didn't think Cameron had done anything at school until he pulled it out on Sunday morning. That little stinker had kept it a secret and hidden in his desk!
In case you need translation it says I like lasagna and to snuggle, and that I'm 32! What!
I also got a coupon book with hugs and back rubs and my personal favorite:
And a darling card from my first born with what he loves the most- money.
It was so nice to have mom over for a delish steak dinner complete with chocolate cream pie. I wish I had a picture to show you, but instead you get my Super-Gavin!
Super hero/cowboy for hire. Will work for cookies...

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Corri said...

What fun! And sometimes I think that the writing of special memories is even more valuable than the pictures would be!