Thursday, May 13, 2010


Cameron has been all about Star Wars lately. It probably has something to do with the Star Wars Wii game Cameron earned and has been playing like crazy. Gavin has since caught on and the two of them have been begging to see the movies, which up until now, they haven't seen because I wasn't sure what they were rated or if they were appropriate.

A few years ago Jeremy and I purchased a ClearPlay DVD machine that edits things like language, sex, and violence out of movies using filters you can download from the computer. We bought the machine for us, we don't watch rated R movies because it is something our church advises us to do so that we can avoid the undesirable content of these shows. We've been able to see many of the movies we wanted to using this editing system and have been happy with the results.

It only just barely occurred to me to use it for the shows that the boys watch. I have always been the parent complaining that the movies targeting young boys with super heroes or cartoon-like characters are rated PG-13 and for us that means we don't see them. For Cameron this has been particularly hard since many of his friends are allowed to watch them and it seems like he is the only kid that can't. This is a major rant of mine, but I'll save it for another day. Well now we can let him watch those movies with this device. What a relief this has been for me. Now he can see the same shows with all of the bad stuff taken out and still enjoy the movie the same as his friends. We've watched three of the Star Wars so far and some other favorites of mine like Goonies, Princess Bride, and ET. I have probably enjoyed seeing these classics again just as much as the kids.

Some may think that we are being overprotective and that may well be true, but I would rather lean in that direction than the other. For as long as I can I am going to try to shield my kids from some of this filth that surrounds us. Cameron still thinks the "S" word is "stupid" and I'm in no rush for him to think any different. The only reason I'm posting this is because I thought some other parents may want to consider getting one of these machines for their kids (or themselves). My list for movies that we can now rent for the kids is growing longer by the minute and I don't have to stress over whether there are any "bad parts" anymore. We think this thing is great!


Kristy said...

I've been wondering if the Clear Play is worth buying--it seems like it might be! And I don't think you're being over-protective. At. all. People let their kids watch too much crap these days--I have a friend who borrowed our Indiana Jones movies for her 4-year-old to watch. Are you kidding me?! Those movies are freaky! Good for you for letting your kids be kids a little longer! :)

Marsha said...

Hey Erika,

I like your post, we definitely can't be too careful. I know I should be more careful but sometimes peer pressure gets the best of me!

We've had a Clear Play DVD player for over 6 years and we love it. I'd like to say we've had the SAME DVD player for 6 years but we've actually had more like 6 because they haven't worked very long for us. I know that isn't a winning endorsement but we obviously like them enough to keep buying them and I know other people who have had much better luck. It's worth it and the price isn't too bad. I'm so glad somebody invented it! :)

Shelese said...

Awesome. I had heard of these a while ago but had forgotten about them. I'll have to try it out!

Cherilyn said...

I know some families that totally turn off TV and movies all together. Nothing in the house. Interesting idea. Maybe it's worth a shot - right!? I'll have to look into Clear Play - I'm curious if it really cuts out everything. Let us know!