Sunday, March 28, 2010

There is no Arizona

It has only taken a week for Jeremy to show me the pictures he took while he was in Arizona last week. On his birthday, he received a trip to visit his brother Cary and his family that live in Tucson. For five days he took off to do a few rounds of this:
This is what happens if you are a cactus growing on a golf course:
As much as Jeremy enjoyed all of the golfing and the baseball game they went to, he really loved just being with Cary, Sarah, and their two boys, Byron and Jared. Jeremy had yet to meet Cary's kids and apparently Byron really took to Jeremy, how sweet. I hope it isn't too long before we all get to meet them.
Cary, thanks for taking off some work to play with my husband. Sarah, thank you for sacrificing Cary and for caring for Jeremy during his stay. Byron and Jared, thanks for keeping Uncle Jeremy company and reminding him of his kids at home. We really appreciate you all!

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Monica said...

Wow you can totally see they are brothers!! How fun!!