Sunday, April 4, 2010

Busch Gardens

This past week was Spring Break for the kids. On Friday, Jeremy took off work and we headed to Williamsburg to Busch Gardens. Jeremy and the kids had never been there and I hadn't been since high school so it was a bit of a new experience for all of us. We arrived at about 11 on Friday and stayed until the park closed at 8. We spent the night at a hotel and were back at the park when it opened the next day and didn't leave to head home until 8:30 on Saturday. Can I just say that our kids were huge troopers? They didn't complain at all, even with all of the walking Cameron had to do. The kids all played HARD. There was so much to do and see, and surprisingly, the lines were not that bad. Considering the weather was perfect (in the 80's) we couldn't believe how lucky we were. Gavin's favorite was the bumper cars and he was able to do those again and again back to back for quite a while. Mason was allowed on more than I thought he would be and really loved all of the kiddie rides, except the carousel, he thinks those big horses are out to get him, oh, and the Sesame Street characters were enough to send him into convulsions from fear. Cameron embarked on a new experience since he has reached the obligatory 48 inches- roller coasters! Much to his mothers, and even more his fathers delight, Cameron caught the thrill ride bug and after being petrified the first two times, he realized he does in fact like these type of rides and I am certain that he would tell you his favorite ride was the Loch Ness Monster. Now that we have season passes I know we will be back often this summer and our kids think we are AWESOME parents!


Kristen said...

Yah, we love Busch Gardens! Isn't it great! You guys are awesome parents, always doing fun things. And the boys look so cute in their Easter Clothes!

Lynette said...

We totally want to go there this summer! It looks like so much fun!