Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Party Hearty

There is this place called Pump It Up that the kids have been begging to have a party at. It is full of all kinds of inflatables that you can jump and slide on and you get to invite 25 of your closest friends to share cake and play hard. So this year we combined their parties to merit the hefty price tag that comes along with such a party and gathered last night for fun and excitement. All we had to bring were the cakes and the goodie bags and the staff handled everything else. I have to say, it was very easy and I actually enjoyed every minute! They bounced until their little hearts were content and then we sang our Happy Bithdays, stuffed ourselves full of way too much cake and tore into the mountain of gifts that rivaled Christmas. When all was done my kids were wet with sweat, their bellies were a bit rounder and they had this strange foreign thing called a smile plastered on their faces until they were tucked in for the night. Hopefully, this is one for them to remember because I don't think we will ever be able to repeat this caliber of festivities. Happy 4th and 7th Gavin and Cameron, mom and dad love you lots! And if anybody out there wants some cake, we've got it coming out of our ears!


Robyn/Lauren said...

Bouncing the night away and whoopie cushions to boot! You guys really know how to throw a party! (There's been a lot of whoopie around here since last night and it doesn't seem to be getting old at all!)

Kristen said...

The boys had tons of last night! Thanks for the party...and all the extra sounds that came with it! (I had to make sure that no whoopie cushions went out the door to school this morning!)

Gina said...

Funny story, I was trying to show Jackson what a whoopie cushion was and put it on the floor and sat on it and popped it! Serious tears on Jackson's part! So I've got to go find him another!
Thanks for the awesome party! Jackson had a blast! Yeah for birthdays!

Mandi said...

I heard great things!!!
looks like fun.