Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Traditions

There are a few places we go each Christmas and this week we did two of them, the Bull Run Festival of Lights and the Washington DC Temple Festival of Lights. We love our Christmas lights! Every year we bundle up and drive through the myriad of light displays in Bull Run Park in the back of Jeremy's pickup truck. It is one of the very few times when I am actually grateful for that eye-sore of a truck. This year we went with the Candlands and picked a warmish night. It was still COLD, but luckily we had blankets and carols to keep us warm and hot chocolate waiting at the end. It is a fun activity that we always look forward to year after year.We also took the kids up to the temple on Friday, right before the big storm hit. Luckily there was no big crowd, but unluckily we sat in 2 hours of traffic to get there and the performance scheduled that night was cancelled due to weather, but we were still able to walk through and enjoy the new LED lights they used this year to decorate the grounds like a wonderland. We also saw creches from all over the world and the outdoor nativity. Despite the trek, we never regret going and hope to someday take our boys to the Salt Lake Temple during Christmas where their lights put our 500,000 to shame. We sure were grateful to get this visit in before Christmas and before the big blizzard prevented us from going at all.


Monica said...

Wow...look at that picture of you all in front of the Temple. That is some serious photography skill!


Robyn/Lauren said...

Thank you for the invite! Everyone should get a chance to ride in the back of a truck through the lights! Next time, how about I bring a coat for Paige! Beautiful pictures of the temple!