Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lemons into lemonade

Today was beautiful weather here. It snowed last week and today it was in the sixties. It's supposed to be like this all week. I'd love some more snow, but I'm not complaining! We took the boys west to this place called Woodstock tower- it was a place my friend Shelese had mentioned to me a while back. The directions I got from online were a bit sketchy- they didn't tell you how long you would be on a particular road before you had to turn, so we thought it would be a much shorter trip than it actually was. After being in the car for about an hour, we finally made the last turn on the directions and guess what? The road was closed! It was lunch time and the kids were starving and Mason had a stinky diaper, so we just pulled over to eat our picnic lunch. Talk about disappointing. However, we remembered a spot along our route with one of those hiking signs, so we went to find it. We stopped at a place called Elizabeth's Furnace where there was a loooong, scary suspension bridge that jiggled when you walked on it and made me very nervous, and several hiking trails to choose from. We hiked pretty far and stopped at a stream for a while just taking in the beauty of the outdoors. I love the soung of a babbling brook and the wind through the trees- the weather was absolutely perfect and the kids were awesome troopers. So it didn't end up being the flop we thought it would and we were grateful to be able to be outside on such a marvelous day. The end.

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