Friday, February 27, 2009

A place to call his own

Many of you will remember when Gavin was old enough to be moved out of his crib into a big boy bed. We decided to put the boys in the same room in bunk beds. I felt sad for Cameron because Gavin would be taking over his space. I felt even worse when sleeping in the same room didn't work and Cameron ended up being moved into the guest room at night, at least until they were both asleep. He didn't really know where he belonged. Well, after school started we didn't really have a good spot to do homework, he did it at the kitchen table and always left a big mess of paperwork behind. Soooooo, we pulled my old desk out of the basement and fixed it up as good as new. A few coats of paint, some new hardware, and some storage boxes made it beautiful, and all Cameron's. It's pretty neat to see my desk up and running again with new life and 12 years of homework ahead. And finally Cameron has a place to call his own.


Kristen said...

The desk looks great! Nathaniel has been asking to have a desk in his room, I think for the same reasons. Way to go. And I love your family picture! Where did you get it taken? Everyone looks so great. Good looking bunch.

Monica said...

Wow...that looks amazing!! Pottery Barn should hire you!

Mandi said...

Either I just haven't checked your blog in a long time or you have been busy posting...not sure which. Anyway, your desk and that entertainment center are so incredible! I am very impressed! Clever girl.