Saturday, February 14, 2009

Goldfish Kisses and Gorilla Hugs

Valentine's day was really all week long for this family. Gavin had a little preschool party with lots of friends at the mega-Burger King in Centreville. He didn't want anything to do with giving out his valentines, he just wanted to play and eat treats. Cameron had his school party on Friday, combined with the hundredth day of school, so he had to bring in 100 treats (see previous post), 100 mystery items (beans), and wear 100 things (Fruit Loops necklace). He came home on a sugar high that has lasted all weekend. On Friday night I gave the kids a heart-attack in their bedroom, Gavin woke up while I was doing it and groggily muttered, "Oh! I love my valentines!" They got new "love" books the title of this post is the title of one of the books and it is a big hit with the kids and gigantic marshmallow lolly pops from Jeremy and I. We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, heart shaped sandwiches for lunch, and chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas and marshmallows for dessert. It was a love filled day for these lucky fellers. As for Jeremy and I? Our tradition has become cooking a quiet, romantic dinner at home. I'm a lucky gal as well.


Goose said...

Love the heart-attack idea. You sure spoil your little men in your life. You're such a great mommy/wife Erika!

Mandi said...

I love the the lunch face! Cute heart attacks too! I love pictures of sleeping little ones- so innocent. :)