Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally some snow!

We've been waiting... and waiting... and finally this morning we awoke to a winter wonderland outside! This was the first significant snowfall we've had this winter and by significant I mean about 3 inches, so not really much, but we didn't care! The kids got a new sled and some new snow garb from Santa and have been itching to use it ever since. So Jeremy stayed home today (yay!) so we could tag team it with the kids, taking turns staying with Mason and playing outside. We built a snowman and sledded until each little heart was content. We walked on the golf course (normally a big no-no) and shoveled our neighbors driveways. We had snowball fights, chased one happy pooch and made snow angels and then came in to warm up with some hot cocoa. I just love to watch it fall and I hope we get gobs and gobs more of it!


Kristy said...

Yay for snow! I'm glad your kids finally got to enjoy some. And is that Aspen I see? She is beautiful!

Jones Family said...

If you and your family came to visit me, I promise you would have all the snow you wanted!