Saturday, October 4, 2008

My little Bat

Cameron has been playing Fall Ball this season and today he had his first game. He is on the Bats team and this time around it is coach pitch. He has been doing better than I expected, and he really has so much fun, once he gets to the field. Getting him there has been a bit of a trial this season because the boys are supposed to wear cups. We bought him one that comes with the underwear that you just slip it in, thinking it would be more comfortable (man, I don't know anything about this stuff). Well, he hates the underwear and you can forget about the cup. We've just been making him wear the underwear by itself, warming him up to the idea of having to stick something in them. It's a battle every time and he is constantly telling me he doesn't like baseball and he doesn't want to go. Today after the game, I asked him if he had a good time. The answer was a resounding "YES! but I just don't like the underwear..."

We were so excited that he is on the Bats team because they have purple shirts- Cam's favorite color! And it is a rather spooky mascot with Halloween coming up and all. Isn't he a cute little Bat?


Goose said...

What a cutie! You know, at least he wears underwear. I don't know many 5 year olds that would like to wear a hard cup in their over their jellybeans. It's so great the uniform is purple! Go Cam!

Kristen said...

Poor kid, I can't believe that they make them wear one of those things already! I don't blame him for not wanting that. That picture of Mason is so cute! I love the little smile.

Shelese said...

Jellybeans!!?? LOL!! I'm dying Ang!