Friday, October 10, 2008

It's not me he's calling

I anticipate the moment when my baby makes his first recognizable sound- the beginnings of language, his first attempts to tackle a word. I am certain that those first utterings will be directed towards his caregiver, the one that holds him when he cries, that feeds him when he's hungry, that perfect name that is "ma-ma." Instead, just like Cameron and Gavin before him, Mason says this:

It just isn't fair!


Gina said...

So sweet. You are so good to catch all the moments on video. Avery's in my lap and she LOVED watching mason!

Jones Family said...

Too cute! Merritt is 19 months and he still calls me da-da sometimes.
Miss you.

Shelese said...

That is so not fair. My kids have all done the same thing.. I've started brain washing Dallin already w/ "ma ma? ma ma?" Hopefully he'll try it soon for me. ha.
That was such an adorable video though, loved his smile when you said "good boy".

Kristen said...

How cute. What a sweetie. He's growing up so fast.