Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chick Magnet

I was talking to another mom with a little girl in Cameron's class today and when she found out Cameron was my son, she got all excited. Apparently her daughter talks about Cameron ALL the time. She told me about a conversation that she had with her daughter where she told her that Cameron looked so cute today in his green shirt! Ahhh, young love... It looks like Cameron is taking after his daddy, girl crazy in kindergarten! When I asked Cameron about this little girl he told me that they ate lunch together today and she was wearing a pretty purple shirt with cupcakes on it. I can't wait to meet her to see if I approve.


Brooke said...

Great picture of Cam. My dad had this fascination with his kindergarten teacher. He loved rubbing her "silky" pantyhose legs.

Shelese said...

Awesome photo w/ his guitar, I'll have to show it to Jessika and give this little girl in his class some competition. ;)