Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We had another busy Saturday planned today. I was able to score some last minute tickets on the sold out Santa Express- a ride on the local VRE train with a visit from Santa Claus himself, thanks to a woman getting rid of her tickets on craigslist- I love that site. So we got up early and made the 9 am departure. The kids were just so excited to be on the train, and when Santa came it was just icing on the cake. After the ride was over, we set out to find the perfect Christmas tree- yes, we are all for fresh trees in our family, although every year after I have untangled the lights and straightened the tree for the hundreth time, I always reconsider our decision... But even now just hours after that whole ordeal, those painful memories grow dim, perhaps because of the sweet piney scent that now fills our home, it's intoxicating, it makes it all seem worth it. We out did ourselves this year, we truly picked a tree without blemish, not a single bare spot or ugly side, and it is my favorite of all of our Christmases together. The kids were eager to start the decorating process so that we could get to the highlight of the event for them- putting our trains around the base of the tree. Every year Cameron and this year Gavin too, look forward to watching the choo choo's go round and round all lit up and they love to make the horn and whistle blow. So after the lights were on and every ornament was "just so" we got the trains going and the kids pretty much stayed put for the rest of the night, and that is probably where they will remain until Christmas is over and it's time to box them up again. Now that the tree is up, I can finally sit and revel in the feeling of the season, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

And now with some non-Christmas related news: Cameron informed me on Friday that one of his teeth was hurting. When I took a look at it, I realized it was loose! We were both shocked, but sure enough, the tooth fairy will soon be visiting our house. I thought Cameron was way too young to be losing teeth already, but he did get his first baby tooth at 4 months which makes him lose them early too, and it is one of his bottom middle teeth which apparently are the first to go, so Jeremy and I had better make sure we have some cash on hand! Cameron isn't quite sure what to make of it all, a few weeks ago we were talking about a friend's daughter who is just losing her first tooth at age seven and Cameron told me he didn't want to grow up and lose his teeth and several times since had mentioned that he doesn't want to turn seven because that is when your teeth all come out... Well it looks like for him it's age four and we are really trying to talk it up and so far it seems to be working. I had better not tell him about when I was little and my dad used to yank my loose teeth out with a pair of pliers!

Gavin is the most outgoing little guy around. He will start a conversation with anyone walking by us at the store and he seems to have no fear whatsoever. He has become quite the little singer, all you have to do is ask him to sing and he will make up his own little song on the spot. It really is adorable. He loves to join in when Cameron sings us the songs he's learned at preschool and all of these Christmas carols have encouraged more, and louder singing. And he's also picked up some great dance moves... Sadly, it seems he has his mothers dancing abilities...

As for the little guy that is yet to come, he seems to be dancing up a storm as well. We used to call Gavin a kangaroo because he would kick me so much, but this little boy puts Gavin to shame. All day long it feels like he is doing cartwheels in my tummy and Cameron was the first to feel him move this last week which he couldn't believe. I think this whole new baby thing has really started to seem more real to Cameron in the last couple of weeks and he is getting so excited. He is constantly asking me when the baby will come out and "after Easter" is so far away for an almost five year old, but is coming all too quickly for me.

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Mandi said...

Erika- this post made me want to come live at your house for Christmas! Your tree is perfect and I love the trains. We have always said we wanted to do that and now I have real motivation. Cute pictures of all of you, too!