Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving in the Johnson home is always filled with family and fun!  My sister Lisa and her family came up Tuesday night and Wednesday we went into DC to the Holocaust museum.  I brought only Cameron and that was a wise choice.  It was some heavy history that we took in, and many disturbing images.  Thanksgiving was much lighter, and Kristin and her family came as well as mom and Jeff.  We missed Becky and are so excited that she will be here next year!  Every year I vow not to cook so much and every year it seems we only add to the many side dishes and desserts, but it is great to be together and especially for the cousins to bond.  They enjoyed decorating some gingerbread men with leftover Halloween candy!  We played a family favorite- characters, a tradition started at Granny's when we were little.  We also skyped with Becky and her family and I braved the crowds at Target with three nieces at 8 pm, snagging some great deals!  It was an exhausting day, but always well worth the effort.  We were sad to see everyone leave.  Until next year!

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