Friday, May 31, 2013

A 4 R's Goodbye

Yesterday was very emotional for me.  Even though I had known it was coming I wasn't ready for the wave of sadness that overcame me.  I awoke early before my alarm and lay in bed with teary eyes as I realized it was my littlest's last day of preschool.  It was the last day I would drive the short route to that tiny schoolhouse with the 4 red R's out front.  Mason put his hands on my cheeks in the car before we went in and asked me to please stop crying before I took him in.  How did it all happen so fast?  I remember clearly the day I first entered the doors of that little preschool with my 3 year old and a baby in a carseat.  As I got the "tour" I felt the warmth and hominess of that place.  I felt reassured that this was the place for my Cameron.  Those teachers loved my kids, all three of them, as if they were their own.  Oh how I wish they could stay there forever enveloped in that love.  Mason is excited for kindergarten, he can't wait to ride the bus with his brothers and play on that big playground every single day!  And last night there were no tears from him, he hammed up his performance as the little red hen and the letter U, and enthusiastically shook Mrs. Peacocks hand as he accepted his diploma.  I am envious of his excitement for the future, but so sad that I won't have my baby with me to run errands and take on lunch dates.  I am grieving that this chapter of my life is over, especially since the next chapter doesn't look as fun as this one was.  But for now I will soak up what is left of having my buddy with me and enjoy my summer with all three boys home.  We will all hold dear memories of those preschool years forever.

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