Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ever since last year when we fostered those two pregnant cats, the boys have been begging to do it again.  And if you'll remember right, the caveat to not keeping any of those 12 kittens was that we might be able to do it again.  Well, it's kitten season, and Dr. Murphy called me up from the shelter about a week and a half ago telling me that here was a beautiful pregnant mama, due just about any day.  I could not say no.  We x-rayed her at work and counted 6 little skulls and spines jammed in her petite framed abdomen.  I brought her home and the waiting began.  We named her Lindy.  She was so big and so uncomfortable, she would just roll around from her back to her belly and liked to lay on the cold tile on in the sink.  I was certain that she would have them any day and when Cara's girls could enjoy them during their trip here.  Sure enough, she waited until the night they left, right when the boys were about to go to bed.  Cameron and Gavin came to get me saying that Lindy had a little tail coming out of her bottom.  She did indeed, and 4 kittens were born back to back.  She took a bit of a break ad then delivered, numbers five and six, and them another!  One must've been hiding on x-ray, but in the end there were four grey tabbies, one all grey, and two black kitties.  Five boys and two girls.  Another miracle to watch.  Each of the boys got to name two, and Jeremy one.  Cameron chose Gulliver and Indy, Gavin chose Finney and Griffin, and Mason picked Mars and Anders.  Jeremy was the most creative of the bunch with Rocky...  I'm so glad we could do this again even with all the work involved.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Angie said...

Kitten season!!! Love the pics. So sweet you guys do this. You all have great big sweet hearts!