Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cameron has played chess since first grade.  He's been in chess club and begs anyone who is willing to play him.  I have been amazed at how good he has become.  This weekend he took part in his first chess tournament.  It was a long morning (from 9 until 2!) That first picture shows all of the chess sets ready to go, and the kids filed in to their different sections.  Parents had to wait in a separate room to avoid any coaching but they did let us in during the first round for a picture and you could have heard a pin drop.  In the end, he won two and lost two matches, not enough for a trophy, but a great first effort and he had so much fun.  I;m sure we'll be doing more in the future.
Mason has been taking swimming lessons the last several weeks and has made great strides.  He is doing so much better through the Freedom Center than he did this summer on the developmental swim team so we signed him up for more after these are through.  He really trusts his instructor and she has been able to get him to do things his other teachers couldn't.  We are very proud of his improvement.

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