Sunday, March 4, 2012

Talented boys!

Last night Mountain View had its yearly talent show. I really wanted my boys to participate this year, although Cameron was very reluctant. Eventually, I convinced him to play the theme to Star Wars and he practiced and practiced until it was perfect. Gavin wanted to be one of the announcers but he also entered a picture into the art contest for that night. I don't think I knew what I was in for. At the dress rehearsal we found out there would be 88 acts in the show!! Cameron was number 40. I was thankful it was before intermission so we could sneak out early. Gavin announced his big brothers act and Cameron played wonderfully. Gavin won second place for his artwork and they both earned medals. I tried hard to be the mom yelling the loudest for my boys, they made me so proud!

One other event worth mentioning would be our first stapled injury in the house! Mason was pushed into the treadmill last Sunday and had to get two staples in his head. I was thankful they did not have to shave his hair I've been trying to grow out! He was a brave little trooper, even when I took them out at home.

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