Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simply Mason

This little booger gives us a run for our money. Sweet as pie as an infant, "big boy Mason" has turned out to be slightly more difficult. This kid is very hot then cold, there is not much of an in between. He either loves you or hates you and boy can his looks kill! He can glare at a stranger (or friend!) like you wouldn't believe, it can be slightly embarrassing sometimes. As much as we try to teach him to be polite and smile at people, that is just not what we get in public. Later he reminds us that he is just "shy." I'm not buying it.

As the youngest in out clan, Mason is very much a tag along with his brothers and he is happy to play super heroes with Gavin or Legos with Cameron. He just goes with the flow and I couldn't really tell you what his "thing" is, he's such a chameleon. He does love to read books and could probably do that for hours, but all my boys could. He also tags along with me, running around town and to meetings for church or for work. I don't thinks he loves it, but he's usually pretty good about it.

One thing I really regret is not doing as much with Mason as the rest of the gang. I know with the others I would sit and practice writing with them, or have lots of play dates, and do lots of little projects at home. I'm sad to say this isn't so with Mason. Our days are so busy! He's gone two mornings a week at preschool and the other mornings we're running errands or cleaning and he ends up playing by himself an awful lot. He plays with toys that are too "big" for him and watches movies that we never would've let the other boys watch at this age, simply because we are catering to a mixed group now. I feel sometimes like he is being forced to grow up too fast.

But I am loving the one on one time that we do carve out. Today we sat and drank hot chocolate while playing two preschooler games. That never happens when the big kids are around. I'm ashamed to admit that we did that because I had this post weighing on my mind... But when I do make the time it's so much fun and you can see him glow, enjoying being the center of attention. It's those times that I find myself stopping and trying to take a mental snapshot of the whole picture. What his little voice sounds like, what we talked about, and how he looked at me. Too soon he will be at school all day too and I'll just be left with memories.

Even though he can be a bit of a stinker, it makes the times when he is loving all the more wonderful. Sometimes in the mornings he will crawl in bed with me and put his little hand on my cheek and give me the biggest, fattest kisses. He bats his eyes at me and tells me he loves me and I swoon. I hope I can do a good job of making him feel as special as he truly is. We're ever so lucky to have him.

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