Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tooth Fairy's comin' tonight!

Gavin's teeth came in late as a baby. His first little pearly white didn't appear until he was 13 months old. We were told that he would also loose his teeth late and sure enough, he has seen each of his little friends lose several teeth and has been jealous that the tooth fairy has not yet visited his own pillow. For a few weeks he has been wiggling one of his bottom middle teeth, asking for carrots and apples to bite into to hasten the process. It's been ready to come out for several days now but he wouldn't let me pull it. I offered to tie string around it and to my surprise he consented! He came short of allowing me to tie it to the door and slam it, but tried pulling it on his own to no avail. This seemed to loosen it some more though and with just a bit of coaxing he let me reach in and grab it! He giggled with glee and then immediately wanted to call and tell Grandma. He was a bit hesitant to go to bed tonight, unsure of who this tooth fairy is coming into his room in the dark, but after a pep talk from his older, seasoned brother he was good to go. I have a feeling we're in for an early morning tomorrow when he finds the goods!

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