Thursday, March 17, 2011

The O'Johnsons

Two years ago, this mom decided to take St. Patrick's Day to the next level of fun for the three little leprechauns living under our roof and the tradition stuck. Last night we made and set a new leprechaun trap to try to catch the little green guy and find out where he has hidden his pot of gold. We colored a box to look like a rainbow and propped it up with a pencil that had a shiny bell attached. Theoretically, the leprechaun would try to grab the shiny bell and pull the box down on top of him. For some reason our traps never work, but it's ok, because the leprechaun ends up leaving us some of his treasure during his escape. This year he left footprints all over the carpet and green pee in the toilets, but he also left some shiny candies and $1 gold coins! In anticipation of what the morning would bring, two little rugrats woke up at 4:30 to check out the goods. Mama leprechaun was not happy!

Some other ways we celebrated our Irish holiday included eating Lucky Charms for breakfast, taking mint brownies into the teachers at school and Cameron and I made these necklaces for his classmates that each had a genuine 4 leaf clover (3 leaf clover plus 1 leaf added) preserved under clear contact paper. We ate corned beef and swiss sandwiches for dinner with cole slaw and "lime ale" (lime sherbet and ginger ale). We may not be Irish but a bit o' the green blood runs through our veins!


Lynette said... went all out!!! What fun ideas!!!!

LindsayAnn said...

Our traps don't work either...

I thought 6:30 was early when my 3 year old was screaming for everyone to wake up, the leprechaun came to our house...but4:30! Oh boy, your a good mama :)

I love the footprint idea, I'll have to use that one for next year.

Corri said...

Nice work, mama leprechaun! I'm especially impressed that you included the kids and teachers at school in your fun!

Kristen said...

Erika, you really set the bar too high! Your kids are so lucky to have!