Monday, March 21, 2011

72 hour kits

All of the turmoil in Japan has caused me to think about how our family would be prepared in an emergency. Our church and now FEMA encourages having a 72 hour kit with supplies to last your family for three days. I've been adding and tweaking ours for years and I pulled it all out again last week to reassess. Here is a list of things in ours:

Food (menu here) and plates and utensils
propane stove
first aid kit
flashlights (just added two hand crank ones that don't require batteries) and glow sticks
can openers
utility knives
matches and lighters
duct tape
emergency heat blanket
water and water purification tablets
battery operated radio
hygiene items
small games
photocopies of important documents (birth certificates, SS cards, etc)

There are still things I need to add like clothing for each of us, cash, and dust masks but it makes me feel better to know we are well on our way. On our local news they tested people to see how quickly they could gather items on a list in case they needed to leave their home quickly and all the people failed miserably. I know we would do just fine and that gives me peace of mind. If you'd like a list of items for a kit of your own FEMA and the Red Cross have great ones to use as resources.


Kristy said...

Thanks for the reminder! I need to go through our kits and make sure we've got everything we need. And make a kit for the kids since we got our kits before they came along. :)

LindsayAnn said...

Way to go! I LOVE talking/doing preparedness. I think about it everyday. Once during a FHE, I unexpectedly (even to my husband)read a "news update" mentioning a emergency and everyone had 5 minutes to evacuate with their needs (I had a timer) It was eye opening! Afterwards we talked about where we could improve. It's been by far our most memorable FHE for sure.
I'm addicted to this ladies radio show, she has AMAZING tips. I like to listen to her while I iron and do the laundry.

Anonymous said...

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