Friday, December 10, 2010

Jolly Old St. Nick

Tonight I took the kids to see Kriss Kringle at Merrifield Garden Center. Last year Robyn told me about this hidden gem of a Santa and so we had to go back to see him this year! We went with the Benson's and Toler's and we were the last people in line so Santa took an extra long time to talk to each child. His hours were only supposed to be until 8, but we didn't leave there until 9! This guy is the best, he seems to genuinely care about each child and asks them all about school, how they're treating their siblings, and how good they're being for their parents. He even made sure to mention that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Unlike the grumpy Fair Oaks Santa, this one was really interested in what my kids had to say. And you could take your own pictures or pay $3 for them to take one. All the money that they get goes to a local food bank. No more second rate Santas that you have to wait for hours in line to see, we're going to Merrifield's from now on!
Mason asked for a candy and a puzzle
Gavin wants an Ironman costume
Cameron would like a Batman Lego Wii game
Santa also told us that chocolate chip cookies are his favorite and to be sure to leave some out for him! Picky, picky!


Jen said...

I used to go visit him there! And he really is the greatest! Every year he would make one special (extra) promise that would always come true. Things like, "On Christmas morning look at the foot of your bed for something with a big red bow," or "This year, don't forget to look for a little box hanging on the tree like an ornament." He'd always whisper these little hints to me, and sure enough they always happened! I don't know how my parents felt about providing for these extras (and I still don't know how they got word of them), but they kept taking me back!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Terri said...

how wonderful. I just hope I can find a Santa like that someday for my kids. no grumpy, fake beard santas.

Angie said...

That was so fun! Thanks for the great night!

Robyn said...

i almost just wrote the same blog as you! how funny! i said all the same things as you about our trip to merrifield! and i especially agree with you about that fraud of a santa at fair oaks!