Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yesterday was a BIG day. Yesterday my first baby turned eight years old. I wonder how did that happen so quickly? For our family, eight is a big number. In our church when you turn eight you reach the age of accountability and get baptized. Cameron will be baptized next month, and he is so excited for that. But yesterday was all about birthday business and Cameron was all about that. In fact, he came into our room three times the night before his birthday to see if it was time to open his gifts. He had a half day at school and loved that he was the center of attention. My mom took in cake pops the day before when they all sang Happy Birthday and yesterday he also got his name announced on the morning announcements and a special birthday pencil and sticker. Cameron also got to do something for the first time, which was to have a sleepover with his best friend, Austin. We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with Austin, Grandma and Jeff and then came back for a lego cake and more presents! The boys stayed up late playing the new Wii games Cameron received and then they were so good and went right to bed when I told them it was time. All morning they have been putting legos together and having loads of fun. This whole sleepover business was pretty painless, not like the horror stories I've heard. And we have celebrated another milestone in the Johnson family, a milestone that makes me misty-eyed. I'm not ready for my boy to grow up, yet it's still happening right before my eyes. I am so proud of who he is becoming, he is my sweet boy that still loves to cuddle and can make your heart melt with that dimple of his. How did I get so lucky?

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Mandi said...

The picture of him smiling at his cute cake shows off his dimple so perfectly...I love it!

Also- I love your christmas pictures! I want your tree- your whole house looks so perfect, especially at christmas!