Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Festivities

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was almost a deja vu of last year which was perfect. My mom and Jeff came over Christmas Eve for our buffet and reading the Christmas Story and Twas The Night Before Christmas. New pj's before bed, milk and cookies and carrots set out, and then Santa came! Cameron and Gavin woke up at about 6:15 and went downstairs to check out the goods. Jeremy shooed them back up to bed while we got up and ready for the madness. Once the gifts were unwrapped we had a hard core play day and then a turkey dinner. It was topped off by driving around to see the lights and watching the classic A Christmas Story before bed. I couldn't have written the day any better. I just love Christmas and I'm always so sad to see it end. Our kids are all at the perfect age to watch the magic happen. Family is the best. Merry Christmas!

Santa came!
The kids got a dress up trunk filled with costumes. It was a big hit!


Robyn said...

Did mason get the seasame street old school little people set? We used to have that and I remember it very fondly! Hope he has many happy hours with it!

Kristy said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I love those super-hero costumes--too funny! :)

Angie said...

You have the cutest little super-heroes ever! Your home at Christmas time looks like a magical wonderland. Love the lights. And thanks for yours on my tree!

Corri said...

All those lights and trees are stunning! I want to come live at your house next Christmas-- your decorations are so lovely.

I'm glad that you had a merry Christmas!