Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And our spring sport choices are:

For Cameron: Baseball

For Gavin: Swimming

Boy am I lucky. How often do you become super close friends with someone whose kids are the exact (like within a month of each other) same ages as yours (With the exception of Mason)? And those kids become just as super close? This is once in a lifetime awesome. Cameron and Austin have been best buddies since Angie moved here from Africa when the kids were almost three. They have been stuck like glue ever since. And Gavin and Ashley had no choice but to be joined at the hip as well. They get along swimmingly as you can see by their swimming lesson pictures. There is no one I would rather be cheering with on the sidelines of a baseball game or clapping with next to the pool than dear, sweet, Angie. Those kids of hers are amazing and I love them like my own. We've got some great BFF's!


Corri said...

How fun!

Jones Family said...

I love the photo of Cameron playing baseball. Jeremy must be one proud daddy!

Anne said...

That is the cutest picture with Gavin and his friend holding hands!

Angie said...

We love you guys too!!!