Sunday, March 1, 2009

Medieval Times

We had an early celebration for Jeremy's birthday yesterday. We drove over an hour to eat at a castle and enjoy a royal show. Have you ever heard of Medieval Times? It's this place where you can watch jousting, sword fighting (and fighting with a bunch of other weapons), falconry, fancy horsemanship, and eat a huge meal with your hands. Despite the fact that it was a bit pricey and they are flaunting extra fun stuff to buy in front of your kids the whole evening, it was a unique and suprisingly cool time. The show really kept the kids attention and it was definitely worth the trip. If you have one near you, watch for coupons and go, you'll think it's cool too, like our birthday boy (34 on Friday!)


Monica said...


You will have to tell us more about it. We have been on the fence about going to one of those for years. We were afraid that the kids wouldn't like the food or be scared of the fighting and we would have paid all this money for nothing. It sounds like you all had a great time and your kids are even younger then mine!

Oh and happy birthday to the big boy!!

Goose said...

I love the family photo. Great pics of Medieval Times too! ARrrrrgh!

Kristen said...

That is so great that you went there. I have always wondered what it was like and wanted to try it. What a very Manly thing to do for a birthday. Happy Birthday!