Monday, March 2, 2009

March Snowstorm

Cameron prayed for snow last night- and lots of it. So many times this year we have had the promise of snow by the forecasters, and then nothing materialized. This time we hoped for the big one, a noreaster was headed right towards us and they were predicting 10 inches! Well, we wnded up with maybe 6, but that was plenty to delight our little snow bunnies and to cancel school of course. One last hurrah before spring. Jeremy stayed home in the morning because- shhh! don't tell, he loves the snow more than the kids. He told me the reson we were getting snow in March was because Heavenly Father knows his birthday is this week. All three big kids played in the icy cold wind and then warmed up with some cocoa. I took the kids out this afternoon for a walk on the golf course. My favorite thing about the snow is looking at the untouched, sparkly blanket over the landscpe- sans footprints and the golf course had plenty of that. Of course, we brought Aspen along, she is at her happiest when there is snow to run in, she bolts around like a crazy dog. See you again next year snow!


Tami said...

Great pictures, especially of Aspen! I really hope this is the last snow until next fall or winter. Not that I don't like snow, I am just ready for spring.

Monica said...

Okay I'm a total loser. I had no idea you all had a dog. I've been to your house and never seen it and you have never mentioned it in your blog either. Is the dog yours?

Mandi said...

By the way- I LOVE the family picture on the side!