Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Jeremy turned 34 today. He is really starting to make me feel old. I mean, aren't you supposed to act mature when you're in your thirties? We are so not there yet, but our ages tell us otherwise. It was a pretty low key day, we went to Chili's for dinner (thanks to Kimberly's gift card :)) and then came home and did presents and cake. Jeremy got the Wii Fit and some new running shoes, and we had a butterfinger ice cream cake. We love you Jeremy, you are our rock! Here are 34 lesser known facts about Jeremy:
1. He whistles constantly, especially in the car if it is a commercial on the radio, he will whistle the same three bars of the song that was last on over and over and over and over...
2. He doesn't know the words to any songs. He can whistle the tune, but the words? Forget it.
3. He used to be quite the dancer. He was a Swing Kid in college and knew a lot of country dancing as well.
4. He listens to a lot of books on tape in the car.
5. He really only reads/listens to self-help kind of books, I think I can count on one hand the number of novel type books he has read in the last 10 years.
6. He LOVES Christmas and maybe gets even more excited than the kids. He really likes to be surprised with his gifts and to see the looks on the kids faces as they open their presents.
7. He is still pretty fluent in Spanish even though he went on his mission to Argentina over 13 years ago.
8. He likes to fall asleep watching TV in the basement.
9. If you catch him falling asleep in the basement and ask him if he's going to fall asleep or was asleep, he will always tell you no.
10. Over the years he has come to like big band type music- making me feel even older.
11. He HATES to wait. If we go out to eat on a Friday or Saturday we have to go at early bird special time, between 4-5 pm so we don't have to wait for a table.
12. He also hates crowds. All these years in DC and he has never been downtown for the 4th of July firework or the Cherry Blossom Festival. Too many people.
13. He loves to wrestle/tickle his kids. Every night before they go to bed, the kids wait for their "tickles."
14. He likes nice things. He would rather get one expensive gift than several not so pricey ones. It's quality, not quantity.
15. He really likes technological gadgets. Things that other people don't have that are unique. I will never forget the mirrored glasses that enable you to read while lying down in bed, holding your book upright.
16. He prays every night. Even when he comes up at 2 or 3 am because he fell asleep downstairs, he still kneels down to pray next to the bed before crawling in.
17. He is very dedicated and invested in his job. He cares a lot about how other people perceive him and doesn't want to let anyone down.
18. He loves roller coasters.
19. He loves mint chocolate and Butterfingers.
20. He doesn't like chocolate ice cream, he's a vanilla man.
21. He's not a very picky eater. He is just as happy eating at Quiznos as eating at Maggianos. In his words, "you just poop it out the next day, why spend so much money?"
22. I can only recall a few times when he has gotten really mad, he is the most even-keeled person I know.
23. He loves baseball and golf.
24. He doesn't like to dress up or even wear collared shirts. He is happiest in some old t-shirt and shorts. You can forget a sweater, he has a closet full of ones that I bought him that he has only worn once.
25. He is loyal to Texas. There is a certain camaraderie he feels with anyone who has ever lived there. We also have a Texas shaped Christmas ornament he insists on putting on the tree. It's huge, but apparently everything's bigger in Texas...
26. He could eat at Chipotle every day.
27. He loves to watch movies- comedy, drama, action, it doesn't matter, he will even watch the chick flicks with me.
28. He likes to do yardwork/wash the car with the kids.
29. He is really proud of his kids and loves it when people tell him that they look like him.
30. He is very sensitive about his hair loss, don't mention it, he's really self conscious.
31. He loves candy and ice cream, but not baked goods. If I make brownies, cookies or cake, he will eat it the first day and them I have to eat the rest...
32. He doesn't like leftovers. He will tell me he'll eat them for lunch the next day but I find them still in the fridge a week later.
33. He drives like a maniac and I am frequently literally holding on for dear life and praying that we get to our destination safely.
34. He is a great husband and father and I couldn't ask for more. Happy 34!


Mandi said...

I especially like #21. Put so delicately! :)

I have been thinking of doing this same sort of list for Mike's 30th- it is fun to learn new things about them.

We will be planning on Saturday so you guys can have a late Bday dinner together.

Shelese said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Jeremy. This was such a cool post.