Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing catch up

We have had a virus on our computer for about a week and I have missed my blog! Last night, thanks to an old friend and complete computer genius, we are up and running again. Last weekend we went to my sister Kristen's house for our family Christmas gathering. It was basically a re-run of Thanksgiving, with my mom and Jeff, Pop Pop, and mine and my sisters families. Then on Monday, Kristen brought her family up to go on our traditional truck ride through the Bull Run Festival of Lights. Unlike past years where we had to bundle up and bring tons of blankets to keep warm, it was a balmy 62 degrees out, so it was the perfect night. We still had cookies and hot chocolate and sang our hearts out, to the dismay of the cars behind us. Kristen is my equally goofy sister that isn't afraid to make a fool out of herself- like me. Good times.
Also, the past few months I have been rehearsing for a musical our Stake put on called Savior of the World. It was all about Christ's birth, life and resurrection. I was just in the choir, but that still involved weekly Saturday morning rehearsals and then we performed the first two weekends in December. It was a lot of work, but the production was really amazing in the end. Garth (what a whack job), Mandi and Sommer were also in it, which provided the much needed comic relief.
This week was my week to host preschool and since this is our last week before vacation, we had a very fun Christmas party on Thursday. The kids donned their PJ's, we made a pancake breakfast, made some cute crafts and had a gift exchange. I just love the magic of Christmas and how special it is for children. They really catch the spirit and I'm lucky to be able to feed off of it.

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