Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Has it really been six years...

... since I was in the hospital with Jeremy and blissfully happy that we had had our first baby? I still remember the doctor laying him on my chest and how utterly amazing it was to me that he was here and that I was a mom! I hardly slept during my hospital stay, I was too wrapped up in the newness of this little being and I didn't want to miss a second. I counted his fingers and toes (even his little crooked one), I stroked his velvetey skin and poured over his tiny features (he still has tiny ears). Our ittty bitty Cameron.

Cameron had his birthday yesterday and a birthday party with his friends at a bowling alley. The kids went crazy bowling for an hour and got creative bowling through each others (and my) legs, then we had pizza and cake and presents. His friends, Tate, Austin N., Austin T., Natalie, and Julia came, (Sara was sick) and Ashley came to keep Gavin company. I am constantly impressed by this sweet little boy. He asked everyone to help him blow out his candles and everyone to help unwrap his gifts. When he received a fire truck as a gift, he remembered that this was what Gavin asked for for Christmas, and he promptly gave it to his little brother. There has been no fighting over his new toys (yet). Cameron has been so amazing about sharing, and the boys are playing together miraculously well.

Last night when I was putting Cameron to bed I told him the story of when he was born and how happy he has made both Jeremy and I. I told him how proud we are of him and how I'm going to stop feeding him so he will stop growing. I told him that he was born at 11 pm and that he would officially be six later that night. He asked me to come wake him up at 11. I did, and then I crawled in bed with him and suggled him the rest of the night. Yes, I am that sappy, pathetic, mom that can't deal with her children growing up. Love you Cameron.


Kristen said...

He really is a good sweet boy. I was thinking about him the other day and how he is such a good kid. I love your cake you made! So cute. What a great mom...even if you are a little sappy.:)

Mandi said...

I am sad we missed it! Looks like fun and WOW on the cake!