Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

The night before...

The morning of:

The kids took forever going to bed on Christmas Eve. Something about hearing bells and seeing Rudolf's red nose... 6:45 came real early this morning, and dear Jeremy, probably the biggest kid of all, could not wait to get downstairs. We have tried several techniques on Christmas morning, so far, none have worked too well, so send your suggestions my way! The kids dove right in and before we knew it, that pile of way too many presents was gone. They didn't really have the patience to take turns, and forget about Jeremy and I, or poor little Mason for that matter, he almost got lost under a pile of wrapping paper! After the batteries had been put in a few toys, the boys retreated to the basement and Jeremy and I were able to quietly go through our own gifts, which I really liked. Then we had breakfast, but all were starving by then. I don't really know if it would be better to eat before presents or after stockings? We will perfect the method by the time the kids are in high school.
Today we are just enjoying each others company. We've played a few games, watched a movie, and we're still in our PJ's! I am looking forward to a stress free dinner alone tonight, the turkey is in the oven! We wish you all the merriest Christmas ever!

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Jones Family said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. What did Santa bring you? I was hoping for a nanny and a house cleaner in my stocking this morning, but no such luck! We miss you.