Monday, May 19, 2008


Ever since Mason was born, Jeremy and I have made a real effort to do one-on-one activities with the older boys, especailly since Gavin has been having some adjustment issues. Last week Jeremy took Gavin to run errands with him and Cameron was feeling a bit jealous. So on Saturday it was Cameron's turn to be with dad and he chose to go golfing. Living with a golf course directly behind our house, the boys constantly ask to go on the course and want to ride in the golf carts we see whizzing by all the time. A full 18 holes may be a couple of years away for our five year old, but a trip to the driving range was definitely do-able. So after Gavin and I got back from our date to the donut shop, they went off to hit some balls. According to Jeremy, Cameron didn't enjoy the driving range as much as the putting green they had and the boys were gone for a good two hours! Cameron now says he likes golf better than baseball- oh no!


Mandi said...

Mike and I were just saying a few days ago that we should take Sara miniature golfing. I am glad that Cameron liked it- too bad that you live so close to a course cause he may be asking to go ALL the time! By the way- I love the picture of the 3 boys along the right side of the blog! They are so handsome!

Goose said...

A golfer! Go Cam. You guys are so good to do one on one stuff with your boys. Awesome parents!