Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nibbles and Gobbles!

Jeremy woke up Saturday morning with visions of Dunkin' Donuts dancing in his head. The night before he had made a special trip to one of their stores all the way in Fairfax so that he could have their donuts for breakfast- he loves Dunkin' Donuts in particular, and it is a rare occasion that he actually gets to partake of them. Gavin and I got showered and dressed and then Jeremy and Cameron did the same. Suddenly we both realized that Gavin was not upstairs with us and Jeremy went down to find out where he was and what he was up to. It seems our little troublemaker takes after his daddy when it comes to taste in donuts, because he had taken the box of donuts off the counter and placed each of them on the tray of his high chair for his breakfast. Not only that, but he had taken a bite of every single one! Jeremy quickly called me down to see and I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera!
On Thursday, Cameron's Preschool class went to the local nursing home to put on a little Thanksgiving performance. I had been told that Cameron would have a speaking part and a singing part, so I was prepared with my camera and video camera to capture his "moment." It was very cute, the kids had all made these turkey hats and did this adorable turkey dance all of which I did get film. They told the story about the first Thanksgiving and each child had a part to tell. Cameron did his perfectly and nice and loud like he was told to do because the people couldn't hear very well. Then they did a sing-along and one of the songs they performed was "I've Been Working on the Railroad." As anyone who knows Cameron knows he is a train fanatic, it came as no suprise that he volunteered for the only solo singing part in this song as he pretended to play the banjo and belted out "Fee Fi, Fiddly I-O, Fee Fi, Fiddly I-O O O O, Strummin' on the Old Banjo!" It was completely adorable and I couldn't wait to show the tape to Jeremy when he got home, but alas, I am a bit technologically challenged and it seems that after I got that very first part of their entrance on tape, I neglected to push the stop recording button and only pressed it once I was ready to record again, meaning that I got a whole half hour of my lap and turned the camera off when it was Cameron's turn. Not too bright... Oh well, when I shared my greivances with his teachers they were quick to console me by telling me that Cameron would probably have many opportunities like that since he has such an outgoing personality. That's my baby! Look for him in a TV commercial in the near future, this is just the beginning!


Goose said...

Love the niblets taken by Gavs of each donut! And I'm so sorry about the camera! Cam's a cute little gobbler! I bet he was absolutely adorable in his part!

Brooke said...

I LOVE the donut picture. Don't you just love little boys! I can just picture him enjoying them all to himself.

Mandi said...

That is usually what Mike finds me doing when we have donuts! :) Loved the little turkey man.