Thursday, November 1, 2007


The day of Halloween began with Cameron getting ready for a costume party he was having at his preschool. He dressed in his cowboy garb and ran into class without even a kiss or goodbye, because of his excitement. When I picked him up, he had several goodie bags and told me all about how he had the same costume as Mrs. Winger, his favorite teacher. Here are two of the pictures that the teachers emailed to the class of the day:
At about 6:30 the kids and I went out trick-or-treating on our street. Gavin, my little elephant, did not take long to catch on to what he had to do. He was a bit shy for the first few doors, but soon he was saying "trick teet" just like Cameron and wishing everyone "Papee Ween" (Happy Halloween). I couldn't believe that just on our little block the boys both almost filled up their bags, and I even had to carry Gavin's for him due in particular to some looney neighbor that decided to give out bottles of water and weigh down his. Gavin was exhausted when we came home so Jeremy and I traded places and he took Cameron out for more loot. About an hour and a half later they returned with more candy than we can eat in a year- the picture says it all. We dumped out all the candy and inspected it like good parents, throwing aside the "questionable" stuff (like the Almond Joys that I love) and Jeremy sorted the candy into gallon sized ziplock bags according to point value. He has started this thing with Cameron that depending on different chores or good behavior he receives a certain number of points and then can have "pickin's" a term derived from his childhood when his fater did the same thing. Small candy bars are worth 3 points, bagged candy like Skittles and M&M's are 2, and small things like lolly pops and Starbursts are 1. Then he can choose how he would like to spend his points and receive his reward. It's a system that both father and son really love. Last night though, I tried to turn a blind eye to the amount of candy Cameron was eating and just let him enjoy the best part of Halloween, getting sick to your stomach from so much candy... He had such a sugar rush that he did not want to go to bed, but eventually as we all know, he crashed and finally passed out. I don't think there is any question that he thoroughly enjoyed his Halloween and this morning there was just a bit of sadness knowing that is was all over until next year.


Goose said...

I want some pickens!

miranda said...

Cameron got a ton of candy. Did you let him it all! I can't wait until my kids forget about it and I can throw it away. I tagged you. Look at my blog spot and if you want to do it have fun.