Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Naked Truth

We went to the zoo on Saturday.  I had the best intentions of getting the kids out in the beautiful weather (60 and sunny after all that snow!) and going to enjoy something I thought everyone would like.  Jeremy told me after our trip there that I would post some pictures on my blog and talk about what a wonderful time we had even though it wasn't all roses because I just want to remember the good parts.  And he's right.  I do pick out the good parts and omit the bad in the hopes that one day my kids will have fond memories of the things we did when they were little.  But this time I will give it to you straight.  Gavin has been begging to go to the zoo.  He is on a real animal kick right now, reading all sorts of books about different mammals and spouting out facts every chance he gets.  We didn't leave for the zoo until 1 pm because Jeremy was helping some people in our ward move, which was sweet of him, but I had hoped to get there much earlier.  Mason fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of our ride which meant we had to wake him up when we finally got there.  I warned Cameron and Gavin that mason may not be in the best of moods and to please, please, tread softly with him so we could all have a peaceful time.  I asked all the kids to pick an animal that they wanted to see. Cameron picked the elephants, Mason picked a black bear, and Gavin could not decide between the cheetahs or the howler monkeys.  Mason was groggy, but we were all very careful not to set him off, it was like tiptoeing on an area littered with landmines.  First we entered the think tank which was a building with two orangutans that you could play tug of war with through the glass!  Mason was not impressed.  The smell hit him first and he refused to get over it.  Then we went to see the lions and tigers and Mason was already complaining about all the walking...  Every time we went into another building Mason thought it was stinky and uninteresting, while Gavin tried to soak everything in as we rushed him through.  Cameron was such a great big brother, trying to entertain Mason and distract him, and even hold him up so he could see the snakes and cockroaches better.  We made a giant detour to see the elephants only to be disappointed that they weren't out enjoying the weather like everyone else, and we had to walk uphill clear to the other side of the park to see the cheetahs, which truly were pretty amazing and even got to hear one of the zookeepers talk about them which was an added bonus to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth we got from number three.  You know it has been several years since we have been to the zoo and I was so thrilled that this time we would not need a stroller, but I think we all may have enjoyed ourselves more if I would have brought one for Mr. Grumps.  It took us over an hour and a half to get home due to some unexpected traffic, and by the end I was wondering why I ever take my kids anywhere at all.  This summer I've decided to do a day trip with each of my boys going somewhere they are really interested in.  Cameron wants to go to the museum of Engraving and Printing where they make money, Gavin wants to go to the aquarium or maybe back to the zoo so he can watch the animals some more, and Mason?  I think I might just take him to the movies...  Truth be told it was not the day I had hoped it would be but at least there is some evidence that we tried to do something, even if it wasn't pretty.  Gavin still had a good time so in the end it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I love the honesty. Many of our family outings are much like this one! The drama of trying to get everyone dressed, in the car and with all their ski gear is unreal! And it only escalates when we get to the mountain--they are cold, hungry, tired, don't want to sit by someone on the lift, one run is too easy, too hard,... That is the reality of family outings. But hang in there, you will all look back on these times with fondness (and a good laugh,).