Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow, glorious SNOW!

The Farmer's Almanac said we would get big time snow this year.  So of course, with this reliable information we stocked up on sleds and snow gear and waited for the big storm.  We had a couple of piddly ones early in the season, but never enough to even cover the grass.  The day after Christmas we pretended there was enough to go sledding but barely.  I think I get just as giddy for a snow day as my kids and as March approached we had given up on our snowy winter.  I knew better than to believe the weathermen when they started predicting this weeks snow, they had already let us down several times this year.  But as Wednesday approached it seemed more and more likely that we might actually get some of that white stuff.  Wednesday was also Jeremy's birthday and I could not even put into words how happy I'd be if he had to stay home on his special day- and the kids too!  Wednesday morning finally arrived and with it the snow, there was no disappointment this time, we got about 8 inches before it started raining and melting it away.  Well we took full advantage and sled not only in our backyard, but twice at grandmas house, and built two snowmen and had a glorious snowball fight.  It was heaven.  We drank more hot chocolate that I would care to admit and snuggled up as a family, celebrating the snow and the birth of a very special man.  It was absolutely perfect.  Now spring can come and I will feel satisfied.

Oh, and Mason had a preschool program all about having a healthy heart.  He learned all about blood vessels and healthy eating and exercise.  He even chastised me for not buying whole grain pasta.  We'll see how long these new habits last!

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