Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear Gavin

Maybe it's because you are the middle child, but I really have a soft spot for you kiddo.  This year you have such a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Clement for first grade.  She sees in you everything that I do and maybe more.  She told me that in all her years of teaching she has had lots of very smart children who have been drilled on the presidents of the US or taught to read early by persistent parents, but only had four truly "gifted" students, and that you are one of them.  I have always known that your mind works differently than the rest of us, but she says you are brilliant.  In class you will come up with the answer in a completely different way then the other kids, and it is still correct.  She told  me that you will change the world someday.  I am so thankful that she can see beyond your quirkiness and lets you figure things out in your own way.  You are voracious about writing and drawing and aspire to be an author and illustrator when you grow up.  I love that your imagination is amazing and you can think up such complex plots with great detail.  I treasure the books you have already written and have every faith in your future goal.
You love animals.  You get that from me, you know.  When we had those kittens you would love on them, sometimes too much.  You always were the one to snuggle up with Aspen and I know how much you must miss her.  Before Christmas you had your mind set on buying a black lab puppy.  You took all the money you had in your piggy bank and brought it to me in a ziplock bag and asked if it would be enough to get your very own pup that could sleep with you in your bed.  You were part of the wheels on our newest endeavor of getting a guide dog puppy.  I know that our dog will be the most loved of any and that you will help to train him for his service role.  He may even be that black lab you wanted so much.
You are persistent.  Even as a baby I remember trying to let you cry it out at night and listening to you wail for hours until I could no longer bear it and I would come get you.  When you get your mind set on something nothing can get in your way.  Although this can be frustrating for me, I can see this trait taking you far someday.
You are helpful.  You are always the first one to offer to do something for me, and the first one up getting their chores done on Saturday without complaint.  You take your job of feeding the cat each day very seriously and make sure that she feels loved too.
You are talkative.  In school this gets you in trouble sometimes, but I secretly love it.  I'm glad that you feel comfortable talking to both kids and adults and can carry on a good conversation.  You have no fear of asking an adult a question, whether it's a waiter for a refill of your drink, or the lifeguard for a pair of goggles.  Cameron uses you to do this for him often and you happily oblige.
There are so many things that I just adore about you and I can't wait to see what you make of yourself someday.  I am so very proud that you are my son.

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