Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visit with family

Jeremy's brother Cary was here for a couple of weeks for training, so we were able to have him stay with us two weekends in a row.  The kids go crazy when Uncle Cary is here and never give him a minute alone.  Good thing he is such a good sport.  One of the weekends he was here we met up with Jeremy and Cary's Aunt and Uncle who are serving a mission in DC.  Georgia and Victor work at the National Archives photographing old family history documents.  I really enjoyed their visit since I have never had an opportunity to meet them.  I wish we had known they were here sooner, but we plan to get together with them again before they leave.  It sure was a treat to get to hear some old family stories and learn about their family.  We're thankful they are serving so close by.  And we hope to have Cary back again soon, especially since he helped so much with corralling our kids at church!

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