Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Haymarket Day Parade

For six years my kids have been a part of the Haymarket Day Parade, travelling in the 4R's tractor pulled wagon.  Every year they sing the same song "We are Friends" for the judges and they although they have a different theme each year, everything is much the same.  This year was different for me though because it is our last with 4 R's.  I know I always rave about this place, but that's only because it is truly phenomenal.  I feel like Mason is going to grandma's house three days a week and learning his ABC's.  This year it was just me and Mason, I picked him up early from a Father/son camp out he and his brothers went to with Jeremy and we attended Haymarket Day just the two of us.  Next year we will be sitting on the side lines cheering for our favorite preschool and reminiscing about all the years we participated.  At least we'll be able to catch some of the candy :)  We also watched a little westie named Snowdrop this weekend for some friends and she may have turned me into a little dog lover.  She was sweet as can be and great with the kids.  We would have kept her if we could.  For now, we are settling for watching dogs for other people and getting to know different breeds and personalities.  I'm sure another dog is in the cards for us at some point, but not yet.

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Lynette said...

We loved seeing you in the parade and we LOVE 4R's preschool too!!!!